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Our organization is involved in numerous projects that strength our community in healthcare, education and livelihood.

We undertake programmes for the all round development of the Rural poor, Women & children without consideration of caste & religion save them from all forms of exploitation & help them get a better Livelihood. Over the years, the organization has developed linkages with state & central government and various organizations to help us achieve our objectives.

women empowerment

Our social and family structure is such that women whose husband dies or whose husband leaves them (abandoned) or women who are not married due to any reason face various difficulties in running their life alone. In addition, in our three-tier Panchayati Raj although there is 50% reservation for women, the participation of elected women in Panchayats remains negligible. In terms of livelihood, contribution of women in agricultural work is 60 to 70%, but as women farmers, they have no recognition or support. With respect to MNREGA too, the women who do 70-80% of the work do not have adequate facilities and face discrimination. While the above problems are faced by most women in rural India, the women of remote tribal areas are the most neglected! SIRDI’s work over the past four decades has been focused on such rural women, their livelihood and education to the girls in such communities. 

PRI Women Inclusion

We provide support, trainings and study material to the elected women public representatives and identify & train future leaders to increase their capacity and participation in the Panchayat.

Ekal Mahila

We support widowed, abandoned or otherwise single women in their family, social, economic and legal problems/disputes.

Livelihood & SHGs

We help women create and sustain SHGs (for agriculture, banking, NRLM benefits, etc.) to utilise various Government and KVK schemes towards sustainable income generation.

I am greatly impressed by the work being done by SIRDI. Confidence that I find in the village women is simply amazing. The most important aspect of SIRDI's work is that its changing the mindset of people towards development.
Dr. Ashok Gugla, Project Director,
DRDO, Hyderabad
children & Youth

We focus on education for girls regarding healthcare and children education. We are working on projects that are expected to make fundamental difference in equal rights attitude in children. 

In association with Child Right Alliance and Bombay Community Public Trust, SIRDI is implementing a programme “E-Teach” in Chandurbazar and Achalpur, Maharashtra.  Currently 30 schools each from these two locations.  The objective of this project is to provide quality education on English language and to encourage parents to enroll their children in government schools.  This course is conducted at the schools having digital classes.  This programme will also help arrest the migration of students to private schools in search of good English education.

English Training

More than 5000 children are being taught English across approximately 60 villages. 

Project Raise

These boys from age group of 13 to 17 are educated on the issues of gender equality and human rights.  Duration of the project course is 15 weeks, one session a week.

Disability Support

IRA & Freedom Trust Chennai conducted a camp with Sirdi for diagnosis & support of 70+ physically challenged students. Around 50+ students received equipment to improve their mobility.  

Want to make a difference?

More than 10,000 women across 176 villages of our region await our support. Want to scale our impact?