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Saathin Samiti

The objective of association is to address issues of single women, women who are divorced, widows, or women who are for some reason forced to stay alone.  Focused areas of the association are related to social, financial, and legal problems faced by these women.

Maasi Ma ka Ghar

At our Temhni Campus, 17 girls stay at the facility “Maasi Maa Ka Ghar”.  These girls are from very remote areas where it is difficult to commute daily for school.  This would normally result in girls dropping out of the schools.  Maasi Maa Ka Ghar is providing them an opportunity of completing studies and empowering themselves.

Apart from helping them in their school studies they are also taught yoga, sports, and basic computer knowledge.  The higher secondary school is next to our campus.

Children & Youth development
I know SIRDI and its Chief Director Dr. Sharma D.K. ever since I was at NABARD RO Bhopal. I know the work done during last several years for the adolescent girls viz. strengthening them through training and education. I wish all the prosperity to the Institute.
Prof. K.B. Malkhede
Retd-AGM, NABARD Mumbai
Digital Trainings
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