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SIRDI has been worked for several action areas, which comes under its areas of concern. 


Women Empowerment

Self Help Group (SHG) for saving and credit.
Federation of women SHGs.
Livelihood opportunities through skill development and asset creation.
Women awakening campaign ‘Jago Bhai Abhiyan’.
Health and education for women.

Child Development

Family Helper Project in tribal villages.
Health, education, sports and cultural programmes.

Natural Resources Management

Watershed management
Forestation and vegetative regeneration
Rain water harvesting.
Fodder development.
Promotion of biodynamic agriculture.
Regeneration of herbs, roots, nuts and tuber plants.

Livelihood Security

Skill development.
Promotion of income generation activities like goat rearing, fishery, collection, processing and marketing of agri-forest produces, weaving, panja-dari weaving, trading of agricultural produces, lac cultivation, honey collection etc.
Grain banks.
Marketing and promotion of tribal products.

Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

Training of Dais and Aganwadi Workers.
Community water sources and sanitation facilities.
Promotion of safe hygiene and sanitation practices.
Immunization and health camps.
Nutrition through local resources for nursing/pregnant women and children.

Awareness and Enlightment

Literacy with emphasis on awareness.
PRASHIKA, a programme for strengthening primary education.
Village libraries.
Camps for school drop-outs.

Capacity Building and Research

Capacity building in area of watershed management, rural entrepreneurship development and various income generating activities.
Research and innovative solution areas of concern.
Workshops and seminars.
Educational tourism.
Experiment on ICT for tribal functional communities.

Innovative Projects

Drinking water systems managed by community for past eight years.
Computer based systems for tribal areas (ICT for tribal functional communities.)


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‘The Uncut Diamond-Chhatisgarh-Rural Development Strategy’ by Dr. D.K. Sharma (2000).
‘Rural Development Strategy and Planning’ by Dr. Sulbha Khanna and Dr. Upma Diwan(2002).
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